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Our services at Farabar Media basically cover web design and Web development while they are carefully concentrated on the media content of your website.
We create customized and dynamic Web pages for you with a wide range of services from consulting and brainstorming ideas to maintenance services and online support.
Farabar Media can also help you with other digital content outside your website including multimedia presentation CDs, internet banner ads, Flash animations and more.

farabar media

web packages

The Web packages that we offer will suit you best if you are looking for a low cost but custom built Web design solution.
With our Web packages, you do not have to design your own site from scratch; a variety of options are there for you to choose from. Just leave a part of the creativity to us to do the need for you while you are still in charge of the options on your site.
Some of the services that come with our Web packages include domain registration and hosting.

Web Packages

digital marketing

Digital marketing, including Web marketing, helps you promote your products or services through digital distribution channels.
Web marketing and digital marketing can also organically affect the Search Engine Optimization (SEO – Iran SEO) of your website. Digital marketing is considered as a cost-effective manner of promoting your business as it is timely, relevant and personal.